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When I lay down at night I ask myself these things, was I honest, was I patient, was I faithful, was I fair and loving to my neighbor, and was I present for my family. The goal everynight is to answer them all with a sincere yes and pray for the willingness to improve on all those areas if I fall short.

Next year is gonna be a good year for Sevendust. Gonna really try and dig in creatively for the next record. I want to spend a lot of time developing riffs and production ideas. It’s time to make a game changing record. Gonna take a lot of work and focus. Best thing is….we have some time.

Weed smokers are laid back and easy going people WHEN they have weed. When they run out.

Good reading for me today-

Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

Worry and Stress

"Make plans but don’t plan results." This is a simple phrase cautioning us against unnecessary worry and stress.

If our plans involve other people, we would be wise to work joyfully toward realizing our dreams, but we should not expect or worry if others do not want the same goals. Nor should we worry if others are not as enthused about our ideas as we are. We know, by applying the Serenity Prayer, that we can only change ourselves; we cannot force changes in others.

Another cause of unnecessary stress in planning results comes from our ingrained habit of regarding ourselves as inadequate. All too often, those of us who make plans give up on ourselves when we predict the outcome of our dreams on the basis of our past experiences. We falsely conclude that because we failed or felt empty in the past, we’ll most certainly not succeed in the future; thus, we quit too soon and rationalize our resignation with a “Why bother to try?” attitude.

TODAY I will make plans but not plan results. I will work out my plan, one day at a time, knowing that my past performance is NOT an infallible indicator of my present or future success. I will look forward with hope, not despair.

Dogs be barking-

This too shall pass

To bands-

A good tech is worth the money. Plenty of people get paid for nothing in this buisness. Money spent on a good crew who secures your live show and preserves the quality of the show for the fans is money well spent.

Change is a good thing…sometimes a great thing

When I lay my head down at night I know that I did a service for any money I receive. That I worked and sacrificed something to have it. I did not steal it, manipulate it from anyone. I did a job. That feels good. I respect people who work for what they have. The ones that take and take and don’t have a clear picture of what service they actually provide to get that money….Shame on you and if you can still sleep at night, well then your worse than I thought.

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