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To bands-

A good tech is worth the money. Plenty of people get paid for nothing in this buisness. Money spent on a good crew who secures your live show and preserves the quality of the show for the fans is money well spent.

Change is a good thing…sometimes a great thing

When I lay my head down at night I know that I did a service for any money I receive. That I worked and sacrificed something to have it. I did not steal it, manipulate it from anyone. I did a job. That feels good. I respect people who work for what they have. The ones that take and take and don’t have a clear picture of what service they actually provide to get that money….Shame on you and if you can still sleep at night, well then your worse than I thought.

Never lose control of your business. All information should be available so smart decisions can be made. Period

My mind is heavy

Hitting the sack- long day. Some days you have certain conversations that reveal a lot of truth. Sometimes it can be an ugly truth. Good or bad it’s explains where you stand with the other person. I learned something valuable today. That some individuals you come across will never allow a sensible dialouge to take place. With some people they are not capable of showing mutual respect and their condescending tones shut off compassion and progress.
I’m thankful for my family- I’m thankful for the brotherhood of my band and that I can confide in them and lean on them out here when conflict arises in life. We have spent many years together and we have had our share personal issues but always stand up for each other in the end. Today they helped me more than they know. And a guy who I worked very close with stood by me today. It feels good to have that in life. That someone takes enough time to know you well enough that they support you always and you can’t wait for the time where they will need you.
That wins- always. So if your lucky enough to have that type of bond with anyone I suggest you keep them close and always stay honest with them. So today ended up being a good day- I saw the two sides of people, the not so pleasent and the family sticks together side. So yeah- today was good.
God bless- and always try to grow, never stop trying to be a better person. I still have a long way to go. But I’m working on it.
Love wins

In the end- truth, faith, love and hard work win. Everytime


Can’t sleep- riding down the road somewhere between Boston and Clifton Park and it’s 6:30an. Show was good in Boston, spirits are high. Day off today and I’m planning on doing what I do on everyday off. Workout, eat, work on music and go to a movie. Exciting right?….riiiight. For me it is. Workout clears my mind and gets me stronger, the food know, the music fills the soul and the movie is my escape from reality. For two hours I can sit and experience another story. I love the previews, the whole process of going to movie. Not to mention that my dream gig would be scoring films. I can’t think of a cooler job. Creating the musical background that provokes certain types of emotion and help create tension, happiness, fear etc. Music is such a huge factor in setting up scenes.
Hopefully that will pan out one day.
Today I had some good conversations with some good people. Everyone in your life shares a lesson with you. Some inspire you, motivate you, some show you what “not” to do. You can take what you need and leave the rest behind. I know for me I’m inspired by people who want to change and evolve. Men and women who aren’t doing exactly what everyone else is doing or living their life worrying about other people. Sometimes change scares the hell out of people. The older I get the fear of nothing changing is WAY more terrifying than simply switching up the mindset and patterns of life. Everyday I try to do one small thing different, even if it’s as simple as putting on my shoes on a different foot at a time. Something to show some growth. Life without change isn’t living to me, it’s exsisting but not living.
The older I get the more of a hermit I can become. I think some days that’s good and some days it can be bad. On one hand I can be alone out here at times and be so at peace with that. So many people can’t stand to be alone, they get depressed or weirded out by it. When you spend 70 percent of your life crammed on a bus with 11 guys and play shows for people you need a little alone time. I do anyway, just to unplug from it all and reset. One of the best gifts I’ve received in sobreity is peace and that means being still. I can simply be still these days and when I’m alone I have conversations with God. These conversations aren’t totally different than one I’d have with a best friend or father or mother figure. For me it’s called meditation and it’s a good time to listen. In silence I can pull that off a lil easier.
Going to the bad side of being a hermit, if I “isolate” too much I cut myself off from the oppritunties to be of service to others, to hear messages and see signs through others, to get out of myself. That’s the biggest thing of all.
The reason I can’t sleep at this moment right now…I’m homesick. I simply miss my wife and kids. I’m aware fully of what I’m doing out here and why I’m gone but that doesn’t help me miss them any less. I miss hearing them laugh, cry, calling out “daddy, daddy” seeing my wife with them. All the normal things. Each day I’m not with them I feel like I miss a lil piece of their lives. But thank God for an understanding wife who supports the dream I have of playing music and holds it down while I’m gone.
The trust we have is unbroken, the seal isn’t cracked at all. We are faithful and reliable to eachother. That’s the only way this works. You can’t be away from each other and be worrying about whether or not your “behaving” or keeping your nose clean. With all she does for us and our children the last thing I’m gonna do is make her worry about stuff like that. It’s hard enough being seperated this long I don’t need to add that additional stress. In the early years of touring I lived that other life and it tore me apart. You can have it.
I’m gonna try and go back to sleep. I’m thankful for so many things today. I can honestly live within today. Life is gonna change me whether I want to or not. So the best we can all do is embrace the day we have right now and appreciate the people, good and bad we encounter.
God bless

Different city- same day

Today is like most days on tour. Starts off driving on the bus till about 9 or 11am. Pulling up the venue. Yoshi (our dude) hops off first locatng the local gym for those who want to go (John and I) usually Yoshi goes when he can. Yoshi is a life saver. Part security guard/ part Pa/ part tour manager and all friend. Never have I met a better person with a better temperment to handle a bunch of strange personalities and sometimes diva men the way he does.
He knows the inner workings of all our minds and knows what we are gonna ask before we ask it.
Typically a day starts with a gym visit. Lately for me I’ve been trying to find crossfit gyms. Yes, I’m one of those crazy crossfitters who live and breathe it. That post about it, that talk about WODs, PRs, Snatches, OHS and burpees. It’s truly something I have come to love. It’s funny though, so many people that tour make fun of people that work out. You’ll see a guy working out in a parking lot and guys will say stuff like “look at this guy, what’s he trying to do” like he’s the idiot.
I think at the end of the day it threatens people who feel guilty about sitting on their ass;) believe me, the last thing I’m worrying about is you laying around or not lifting weights, so why are they so concerned about people trying to stay in shape and most importantly…sane. It cracks me up.
But after that the rest of the day is filled with a meet and greet, a phone interview or small task that help promo the show. Outside of that it’s a lot of nothing. Oh but us musicians like to make people believe it’s a lot of work. I’ve done real work, nothing out here at this level resembles work. In fact it’s the opposite. What’s hard is being away from home. That’s sacrifice not work, big difference. What’s work is my wife taking care of two children 247 alone while I’m away. That’s work.
This time of the year is a nice time to tour because you can escape the bus. The weather is good so you can walk around and explore. Catch some rays, do whatever you like. It’s huge when you get cabin fever. Sometimes I take long runs and see amazing landscapes, buildings, mountains, ghettos, industrial parks, you name it. I see more of these cities now that I leave the bus than I ever did hiding up on them back in the partying years.
Around an hour before showtime we call that “trolley time” time to get your mind right. How that name came to be I have no idea but it stuck. We all do our routines. All are very different. Everyone usually spends that hour on dressing room if we have one, I stay on the bus. Simply because I like to clean it right before we go on (weird I know) and I enjoy that lil alone time to warm up on guitar and vocally without annoying the others. Then 15 mins before the show I make my way in, get hugs from the guys, have some laughs and then showtime.
That’s a typical day for me out here. Some days more some days less. Some days drama breaks off, some days it’s chill. Not the worst way to make a living but not exactly easy and as glamorous as some may think. It’s challenging. But it’s also fullfilling. Never know how long this train will go for so I take it a day at a time. Some days the grass looks very green on the other side. Staying home, playing with my kids after a day or work. But that’s life. It doesn’t matter what you do, you do it long enough those feelings come out. I’m thankful to play music and for the folks who come out. I also miss my family and want to be with them all the time.
That’s ok.

If I use the word “boom” in real life conversation, walk away from me and never look back

We all have a right to be the person we want to be

Starting the tour today in Mount Pleasent. Actually we started the second leg of this in STL but I was home and that doesn’t count;). Never the less, here we go again on another leg of the acoustic tour. Today could be a heavy day. Lots going on in the 7d world, in my head, in my band mates heads. All different perspectives but close to the same page.
This is a business, it involves doing something we love but we have come to learn it has to be treated like a business. Otherwise things will slip through the cracks and the thing you love about doing it becomes diluted and is deeply affected and compromised. It’s a balance.
In any work place you have different characters, personalities, personal back grounds and quirks. The key to survival in this enviorment it simple “live and let live” remove ego and realize that just because you feel strongly about certains aspects of life, buisness choices anything, doesn’t mean others share your exact view. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with the way others live, just means that every person is different. Different events occur in our individual lives that mold our character, or mood, or response to life. So it’s impossible to line up exactly with everyone. When you can agree then thank your lucky stars and enjoy it. That’s called chemistry.
Some people harbor resentments, some harbor anger, some have compassion, some try desperately to be positive and we project all of those things good and bad on each other at times. It’s life, but the more I practice true acceptance of people, places and things the easier my days go. I can only tune out so much negative energy before I become negative energy, but it takes practice. Each day I wake up trying to come to terms with the fact “I don’t know it all, I don’t know what others are thinking, feeling and certainly can’t control them”
Some days are hard. Some easier than others. Sometimes my intentions are to be kind and get met with distance, sometimes I push people away without even knowing it. Some people resent you when you walk a different path than they do, it threatens them simply because it’s not the path they’re walking.
The goal for me is to become better at being still, loving others reguardless of what they do or say(that has limits) and be of service when I can. When I do that or I’m willing to do that then it’s a better day. Some people no matter what you do will be against you. That’s their choice and that is their burden. They can continue to spend energy being at odds with you. The beauty, none of us have to participate in the game. We can shrug it off and concentrate on the things that matter. Any real bond isn’t meant to be so up and down. Shouldn’t have to be so much work to make things work.
Being on tour, being in an office, a construction site, a team it’s all the same. It’s not about “you” it’s about everyone there. We all have good and bad days. Hell, take some time out to figure out how someone’s doing and maybe just listen. You never know what you can do for someone that’s in need.
I’m a thankful man to have guys I’ve been working with for years that accept me for my good and bad and I accept them. We don’t agree on everything, we don’t think the same on everything, or make the same choices but we accept it all. Even when the elements break us down we still accept.
That’s good ground to stand on
God bless

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